JACY COSMETICS was founded by me  Mexican immigrant Jessica Martínez, mother of two beautiful children.
I lived in California for 8 years, now I live in Texas 4 years ago.
Launching a brand inspired by Mexican culture and colors was completely unforeseen, but it is the most beautiful experience of my life! From the age of 13 I started to like everything about makeup! Watching my sister, mom and aunts, how they applied mascara on their eyelashes was the best for me.
In 2018 I started the brand missing my colors a lot and my culture was developed with the motto of "Inspiring in our culture" I started the brand with only 800 dollars selling eyelashes but the big BOOM was when we released the palette of THE CATRINA PALETTE we never expected that That palette sold in just 1 hour was something amazing. I thank all the people and customers who trust in our products and continue to do so until now! Thank you very much for your support of JACY COSMETICS.